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A House From Kerala

‘A house From Kerala’ is a beautiful documentary which shows how a 300 year old wooden house was saved from being demolished and instead it was dismantled and moved 2000 km away to be rebuilt again. Architect Pradeep Sachdeva from Delhi took the grand inititaive which gives us an insight into how ingeniuos was architects of yesteryears.

A TRADITION OF SERENITY: The Tropical Houses of Ong-Ard Satrabhandhu

The Ong-Ard Satrabandhu’s book on tropical housing in Thailand takes one into traditional Thai architecture of Lanna style. Lanna is a concept of being down to earth, coming directly from mother nature, which originated in Thailand some centuries back. Originally called “Lan Na Thai,” the name means “a million rice fields.” The Lanna way of life and its architecture are inseparable for centuries. The spatial proportions, balance and rhythm of same Lanna style are to be found in the work of Ong-Ard Satrabandhu. In this sense he is a disciple of Geoffrey Bawa and his open space concept. Usage of raw materials, intertwined with landscape and verdant greenery almost blends with surroundings peacefully. Maybe his generous usage of up lighters in the trees should be given a thought considering the habitat of birds at night. The drawings showcased in a book takes one back to medieval period of Rajputana miniature paintings in India where plans,elevations and sections are shown in the same drawing with great care.  These drawings are not only meant for architects, the subtle way of …