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Book Review: Urban Hopes Made in China by Steven Holl

Urban Hopes Made in China by Stevel Holl Edited by Christoph Kumpsch contains graphic documentation of Ar. Steven Holl’s 5 projects  such as Sliced Porosity block, linked hybrid, Horizontal Skycraper and 3 pavilions in China. This well designed and solid book in presented with introductory essays by Balthasar Holz , Steven Holl and followed by Urban manifesto essays by visionaries like Lebbeus Woods. After the project documentation, the book presents Visions of El Lissitzky , Buckminister Fuler, Yona Friedman,Archigram group, Stevel Holl and Lebbeus Woods. At the end there is a conclusive essay by Anthony Titus which establish Holl’s projects and visions in a continuum with other visionaries like Fuller, Woods , Archigram And Yona Friedman. At the concluding essay Christoph Kumpsch  defines figuration, pattern, shape and describes pattern made by embellishment or repetition is architecture here. He describes Urban Hopes is not about ameliorating urbanity but intelligently embracing it. Urban Hopes is a box to be opened. Images courtesy of Steven Holl – ph. © Iwan Baan © Shu He ISBN 978-3-03778-376-4, English