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Modern India. Post-Independent India went through a lot of turmoil, it was like the day after an Indian Wedding, the guests are gone but the ‘memories’ of their stay remains along with the mess, you don’t know which stuff is yours and what to throw out, every corner of the house throwing up a treasure chest.

Le Corbusier: Acrobat of Architecture – B. V. Doshi

Today, we mark the 50 years since Le Corbusier died while swimming towards the Sun! It’s amazing how one man changes the world with his art, architecture and powerful idea. He is possibly the greatest architect of all times and expanded the notion of want it actually is to be an architect – a poet and a harmonizer who showed the way to the Modern Age of solidarity. The following is an interview from Vistāra – The Architecture of India, Catalogue of the Exhibition, edited by Carmen Kagal, 204-214. The Festival of India, 1986. Doshi, Balkrishna. “Le Corbusier: Acrobat of Architecture – B. V. Doshi interviewed by Carmen Kagal.” A youthful Doshi (in black coat) on site with Le Corbusier. Q. So much has been written about Le Corbusier that I think we can dispense with the basics. We know, of course, that he was a many-sided man – architect, painter, sculptor, poet, author – or rather polemicist. However, if you had to choose the one outstanding quality of his personality, what would it be? A. …