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Compositions in Architecture by Dan Hanlon

Compositions in Architecture provides students and educators a unique opportunity to grasp architectural problems and create exclusive solutions. The book is intertwined with architectural design process as well as necessary theory but not overburdening creative nascent minds. Author Dan Hanlon explains architectural compositions through lucid diagrams and elucidate concepts which are rooted in different cultures and traditional beliefs. The interesting point here to be noted is that the author doesn’t simply illustrate the problem with only one kind of example but he brings back compositions from different cultures to solve a problem and thereby making it a very unique method to see what options different civilizations and some brilliant minds of their time has tried upon. The book focuses on vernacular traditions as well as doesn’t compromise to elucidate the designs of most contemporary architects of our age which makes it very special. It will surely go a great length in kindling interest in architecture to this young generation. More details can be found here: Photo Courtesy: Wiley

Siteless: 1001 Building Forms

To claim this book just adds to the general tendency of contemporary architecture seeking the immediately shocking, superficial and easily publishable is perhaps a sign of precisely this tendency: people losing the ability to dwell on things long enough for their imagination to come out. Once applied on actual architecture these concepts would need to be closely linked to program, scale and site to be interesting. However in the initial program-, scale- and siteless condition they are presented in this book, they evoke intense imagination in me. The sketches being hand drawn also adds to this. You can be impatient and flip through it in five minutes, or you can focus your attention and find the potential and depth these forms have. More details about this book can be found here: