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Architecture of First Societies

architecture of first societies

Architecture of First Societies does more than just present the architecture of first societies.

The author includes information on the environment, society and cultures that influenced the resulting architecture of those first societies. In addition to being useful for presenting the motivation of these examples of early architecture, the presentation, which includes, way of life, frequently depicted with color photographs of people who carry on some of these ways of life today, color photographs of modern day versions of the architecture, color photographs of archeological diggings of historic architecture and, finally, color photographs of the environment that the various peoples lived in with notes on climate changes that have occurred since then.

Finally, the presentation includes architectural drawings, especially overhead drawings of the layout of whole villages and houses. For me, this had the effect of placing me in the context of what the author was describing. The only drawback was that, due to a large amount of extra material, there were not as many architectural drawings as I might have liked. For example, it would have been nice to see step by step plans for how these buildings and enclosures were designed.

Although this book is very expensive, if you are interested in architecture, this would be a good book to purchase and pore through, there is much here to enjoy.

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