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10 Stories Of Collective Housing: Graphical Analysis Of Inspiring Masterpieces

10 stories of collective housing-01In the first line I have to mention that this book researched by a+t opens up a new horizon for understanding the housing perspective. I have hardly come across a book so well illustrated, analysed and more over interestingly presented.

10 stories of collective housing-05

Ten collective housing has been discussed in ten separate chapters while bringing in necessary references and similar ideas from around the world. This is a must have for every scholar of architecture as well as practitioners and faculty members.

10 stories of collective housing-02
The introduction of each architect (even responsible for little known or little documented projects) in a separate way makes a completely useful guide and abolishes the need to look it up at the library or internet further.

This well documented publication has the capability of doing away with the need for further references at one pass.

Learn more here:

Graphics Credits:  a+t reseach group

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