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the buildings that revolutionized architecture

THE BUILDINGS THAT REVOLUTIONIZED ARCHITECTURE by Isabel Kuhl & Florian Heine is a great source book which showcases 100 buildings around the world.

It ranges from Taj Mahal of India to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, from Brunelleschi’s Ospedale Degli Innocenti in Florence, to Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion. Fitting to this chronological order, 100th building is David Child’s One World Trade Centre.

The Taj Mahal - one of the masterpieces which adorn this book

The Taj Mahal – one of the masterpieces which adorns this book

With full bleed great pictures and sharp story that surround each architectural marvel this book will go a great length space to arrive at any reader curious about architecture.

This record is not just intended for architecture students or professionals, but general readers also will be equally attracted to the marvels of this book.

Herzog de Meuron's Bird's Nest - A modern marvel

Herzog de Meuron’s Bird’s Nest – A modern marvel

Glamourous photographs of each building are featured in full bleed spreads, which also contain brief texts offering fascinating histories and contextual information, as well as biographies of the architects.

The book also includes a glossary at the back of the book that elucidates vital terms, a must for any non-architect readers.

A priceless overview to the world of architecture, this book escorts readers through every keystone of architectural accomplishment –be it an ancient city, modern sports arena, cathedral, or office building.

Photo Courtesy: Prestel

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