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10 sites to see Online Architectural Lectures

Searching online for inspirational lectures in one place is impossible. It is extremely hard to locate a good source website which has a series of lectures from renowned architects, designers, thinkers, scientists or philosophers. Hours are wasted just filtering through the search results. And when you do find it, you are exhausted and want to procrastinate, exactly just what I ended up doing when I was assigned to make a list of the top 10 places to watch Architecture/Design Lecture videos. If you have missed a lecture at your university this could actually help you out. It is a perfect way to spend some extra free time searching for inspiration, especially when you are having one of those sleepless nights.   Here is the LIST!

1.     Architectural Association Institute of Architecture UK

A very well known architectural school famous for its design philosophy, has archived most of the lectures they hold. The duration of the films they have is between an hour and two. The minimum length of the video is 8 minutes, of a recording from 1976 a Lecture given by Rem Koolhas. To name a few other well known speakers, they have Peter Cook, Zaha Hadid, Barnard Tschumi and Moshe Safdie. Every film has the name of the speaker, the topic and duration listed.

2.     Städelschule Architecture Class (SAC)

Located in Germany SAC has a diverse range of lectures from known and not so well known architects. They have a YouTube channel where they broadcast all their videos Staedelschule Architecture Class (SAC). They have brought together various architects such as Patrik Schumacher, Peter Cook, Mark Wigley and Bill Pearson to name a few.

3.     TED Talks

These talks are comprehensive and short and are sorted out in playlists. The speakers vary and talk on certain concerns or specific topics. You can find videos relating to design and architecture as well as individual philosophies. They have 122 talks on Arts, 60 on Architecture and 327 on Design among other various topics.

4.     Yale University Podcasts

The ivy-league university giving access to free first-rate lectures might come as a surprise for some. The public Lecture series is available on iTunes. It is a series of 17, extremely helpful pedagogic lectures that are downloadable. You can listen to these on the go. A MUST listen for all the students of architecture design.

5.     MITVideos (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Architectural discourse is an integral and essential component in the field; this website provides a platform for this. It includes featured and editorial videos, event recordings, academic content and more. The curators scour the web for the best MIT videos and add them to the spotlight. The topics are diverse and the lecturers come from all over. They have upload videos of both their own faculty as well as guest speakers. You can search the keywords and share the videos you like with your friends on the social media.

6.     Bartlett School of Architecture

They have archived all their lectures, and the website keeps you updated with upcoming events. It is an extremely user friendly website and gives an individual an outline of the lectures. It is organized in a chronological order, and with every lecture you can go through the summary provided. At the end there is a link to their vimeo channelwhere you can watch the videos.

7.     Southern California Institute of Architecture

According to their website, the SCI-Arc Media Archive hosts over 1000 hours of continually–updated videos of architecture and design lectures, symposia and events featuring the most significant voices in architecture since 1974. They also keep you up to date with the upcoming lectures that you can stream live. You can filter the videos by year, lecturer and theme which can turn out to be quite useful. The interesting thing about this website is, along with the full length videos they have several clips extracted from the lecture of the highlight.

8.     VideoLecture.net

An award winning repository with free open and public access is another source of online lectures. The lectures are chosen through a process to provide the users with high quality educational and scholastic content. The lectures are given by distinguished scholars and speakers on various topics. Several renowned universities are affiliated with this website.

9.     Princeton School of Architecture

In the era when technology dominates the lives of the individuals, time is precious one wants the very best of everything. With the minimum use of resources they to achieve maximum output. The Lecture Series by Princeton School of Architecture has touched upon a range of topics. In the recent talks made available we have academic intellectuals like Patrick Schumacher, Elizabeth DIller, indy Johar, Sou Fujimoto among several others. They are still in the process of digitizing their old data but have managed to upload the recent lectures on their website andVimeo.

10.  Harvard Graduate School of Design

Their website is filled with videos of the lectures they host. This is like haven for a student. The website has small red tabs on the top which help you filter the results according to the department, type, year, semester and theme. Plus you can search the repository by entering keywords. The website doesn’t have unnecessary details as distractions and pretty simple to use. You might have to scroll down a bit that is if you are unsure of what you really want.

These are the Top 10 places to watch online lectures from some prominent, distinguished and celebrated forums with notable and authoritative speakers. Hope this helps you guys out. Kudos!

By: Hajira K. Qazi
Edited: Ibrahim Abdelhady

All lectures are subject to copyright by their individual copyright holders.

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