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Book Review: Don’t Brand My Public Space

cover_e_g_1Don’t Brand My Public Space! by Ruedi
Baur and Sebastier Thiery provides an excellent guide towards understanding of a less explored aspect of publicty and branding through the tools of graphic design.The book is a compilation of valuable inputs from experts from diverse babackgrounds as political science, semiology, philosophy, art history and even geography. The book also presents some common known words and their definitions sourcing from all over the online resources and presenting them in a same platter.In a whole this book offers graphic design students , academicians, and professionals a whole new paradigm to tread on. A must read for every aspiring and practicing designer.Though the book serves primarily graphic designers, but all the inputs provided can be equally enjoyed by people coming from all other disciplines too. A refreshing and brave heart presentation makes it a must read(or see) for everyone.

ISBN 978-3-03778-348-1, English

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