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Book Review : Digital Fabrication

The new book Digital Fabrication in Architecture, Engineering and Construction by  Luca Caneparo is a much needed book on the field of digital design and its impact on the construction industry.

The writer starts with the pre computer area of Industrial production and mass fabrication citing examples from Ford Motor Company, Autobahn industry in Germany and mass-produced houses at Gunnison Magic Homes.

The book then deals with the effects on industry after the advent of computation era. He explains the concept of Vertical integration and Horizontal Integration citing examples of  SMEs and their role in integrating the new technology. A brief overview of CAD/CAM technology has been covered in later chapters with the examples from the works of famous Swiss RE designed by Lord Norman Foster and the much talked about fish sculpture of Frank Gehry. Though the content of the writing is good, a better presentation of the photos(integrated with the writing) was expected from the publisher.

The penultimate chapter deals with the digital production of metals through Computer Numerically Controlled machines and other advanced digital equipment  to meet the design goal. It also talks about some industrial process like rolling, forming , forging process and the machinery that makes it happen. It also touches the advanced computing process and the industrial robots that have come into the foray.

The last chapter deals with emphasizing digital woodworking and is illustrated lucidly with a recently concluded project of rebuilding an inner dome of Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari.

The whole book is a detailed description of the digitization process and introduces readers to the technical terms and describes it briefly. This immaculately referenced and deftly researched book should take place in bookshelf of every academician , library and teachers of this field.

ISBN 978-94-007-7137-6


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