Month: May 2015

Book Review: ANDO Complete Works 1975-2014

The new issue of TASCHEN’s monograph on Japanese architect Tadao Ando is an impressive voyage through the world of one of the most popular architects of our time. In a volume as heavy as the concrete slabs used in Ando’s buildings, the book cements the self-taught architect as one of the world’s most influential builders. As an introduction to Tadao Ando’s massive work, the book begins with a series of chapters explaining his personal background, key projects and sources of inspiration. But for the main part, the architecture is let to speak for itself through drawings, sketches and most importantly, scenic photographs. It is a welcome surprise for the truly interested reader, however, to find so many small drawings of Ando’s buildings, allowing a deeper understanding of the architecture than pictures alone would do. The journey starts in the sphere of the private home with a couple of early creations: The legendary Rowhouse in Sumiyoshi, Kidosaki House and Koshino House, all built in Japan. We move on to the architecture of Ando’s own studio, and …

Book Review: Architectural Theory

The book highlights some of the well known as well as little known theories that have surfaced in one and last one and half century.Insight into most theories, charters and dissemination makes this book valuable. Without reading each and every manifesto, an spending years to develop an understanding over them,this book excerpts the most valuable transcript and it is most certainly an astonishing read. Abstract of 326 theories in just 603 pages just shows the plethora of topic it includes.Starting from Arts and crafts movement to recent Deconstruction movement it encompasses almost all theories that have occurred during this time. This is an invaluable resource for any theorists and students who wants to delve deeper and think beyond. More details can be found here: ISBN-9781405102605

Book Review: 100 Contemporary Architects

Architecture at the dawn of the 21st century: the indispensable compendium This two-volume compilation brings together highlights from TASCHEN’s groundbreaking title Building a New Millennium and the first four volumes of our renowned Architecture Now! books for a comprehensive study of architecture around the world at the beginning of the 21st century. Up-and-coming architects-tomorrow’s superstars-are featured alongside the field’s most respected practitioners, such as Santiago Calatrava, Herzog & de Meuron, Koolhaas/OMA, Daniel Libeskind, Richard Meier, Oscar Niemeyer, and Jean Nouvel. More details can be found here: ISBN-978-3836500913

Book Review: How Architects Write

Architects rely heavily upon drawings to convey their thoughts and expressions.Very few of them can claim writing as their forte.students are taught in architecture school to write leass and draw more.In the process they lose their ability of writing which can be as much creative as their drawing.’How Architects Write’ is a first of its kind book emphasizin that an architect should possess for various kinds of writing ranging from journals,project report, Reasearch reports, business documents, manifestos and finally all important thesis reports. It is an all encompassing book and first of its kind in this field, Architecture students, professionals who have started to lose or already lost the art of writing will find this book an essential read.   More details can be found here:   ISBN-13: 978-0415891073

Book Review: Designing Architecture: The Elements of Process

Designing Architecture by Andrew Pressman is an essential guide throughout the design process to every person involved in design and design related field.How to brainstorm, how to come out with all these ideas and while doing these works how to enjoy yourself. A thoroughly guided and blissfully written, anybody going through it will feel the urge to start a design anew,such is the charisma of the writing. Brief summation after each chapter makes the book more user-friendly and practical. The book tells you a story.The story of design.I would request everyone to go through that story,live up to the joy of design once again and while doing so, not to forget to enjoy the Process. More details can be found hee: ISBN-978-0-415-59515-5

Making A Timeline of Architecturally Significant Structures

    A common pattern of physical design aids to address current social concerns are seen these days, however a different stance has been taken here, addressing what we see as radical gaps in the current course of architectural design itself.  It deals with  making of a chronological timeline of architecturally significant structures. Apparently this appears misleadingly simple but repetition of half-understood ideas due to lack of clarity and insight in past over the ages are creating a lack of thoughtfulness in the fervent mind of the young learners. This timeline would ideally deal with the structures that were epoch making of their era and thereby urging young generation to do pioneering research and innovations. The following article discerns the profound impact and the possible magnitude that this timeline can have on architectural education as well as profession across the nation and beyond. The Need: The ability to be projective with one’s work rests largely on being conscious of directing a trajectory.  This may sound simple, but in fact it questions the basic outlines of one’s stance …

Book Review: Architecture is Life

Architecture is Life edited by Mohsen Mostafavi is a compilation of  selected works for the Master Jury of the prestigious AGA KHAN AWARD FOR ARCHITECTURE. The Award Committee have the belief in their mind that Architecture can transform human lives and that is reflected on the selected projects addressed in the book. The projects are richly illustrated, clearly stated through a fact sheet and easy to comprehend. Projects highlighted are classified into different categories such as Craft, Conservation, Infrastructure, Institution, Resilience etc. Numerous essay with supporting photographs describe how architecture interacts with daily life and culture of people.Each of the shortlisted project shows what our understanding of the design can do. Editor Mostafavi describes that the Award makes such a strong case for the Architecture as the setting for life, and hence the dictum and title of this book, Architecture is Life. ISBN 978-3-03778-378-8, More details can be found here: